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feedback formYou can get great insights to optimize your website by using Google Analytics. It's a free tool to track most of the important metrics to evaluate the performance of your website. There is one major flaw in Google Analytics (or most other web analytics tools). It doesn't allow you to get qualitative feedback from your users. Most web analytics tools don't allow you to ask your users what they think when they are visiting your website.

We believe listening to your visitors can get you the best insights to optimize your website and help your users have a pleasant time on your website. That's why we developed a plugin which allows you to get this qualitative feedback from users. Once you setup the plugin to your personal needs, you can find the feedback of users in your Google Analytics account. You can see an example of our Google Analytics feedback extension in action on our website. Just take a look in the right bottom corner of this page to find our little button.

Our Joomla (1.5, 1.6 & 1.7) Feedback Form

Our Joomla feedback form is pretty flexible. You can set many different parameters in the backend of your Joomla website:

  • What is the question you would like to ask your users?
  • You can also set the 'worst' and 'best' description next to the radiobuttons
  • Change the text above the comment box
  • Change the color and text of the 'send' button of the feedback form
  • Change the background color of the send button
  • Change the text on the thank you page
  • We have made the feedback button to open the form in two languages (Dutch and English)
  • Change the background color of the form
  • Change the border color
  • Change the general text color used on the form

We believe these features make our Joomla Feedback plugin pretty flexible for Joomla website in different languages and also allows you to change the purpose of the form by changing the question.

How to install and configure the plugin

We have created a video that shows how to get this plugin up and running within 2 minutes. You can check it out here.

How to manage the comments of users

This feedback plugin for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 only works with Google Analytics users.We load the feedback into your Google Analytics account, inside the event tracking section of your account. This makes it easy to get all your insights from one platform, Google Analytics. We have added a bunch of features to make this more flexible for you to use our feedback plugin in combination with Google Analytics.

  • Track submission with pageviews instead of event tracking
  • Track errors occuring in the submission (the form has validation), always done in event tracking

The comment will be loaded into the event tracking category 'Feedback' in your Google Analytics account. You can find the actual feedback in the 'label' field. The radio buttons are numbered 1 to 5 (bad being 1). This value is also being send to Google Analytics. This number can be found in the optional value field.

Our feedback plugin for Joomla allows you to track feedback and also know on which page the feedback was submitted (available in Google Analytics already). You can also get an average userrating for your Joomla website. All you have to do is is look at the average optional value to find out!



We have chosen not to create a different backend for this plugin in the Joomla environment and won't do this in the future. We believe the comment information is best used in combination with Google Analytics data and we don't believe the added value of Joomla integration is worth the time we need to invest to build the backend functionalities.

You will need to install the latest asynchronous tracking code to get it up and running. If you haven't already added the code to your website, you can user one of our Google Analytics plugins for Joomla. The plugin is partly based on code by Savio. The form has been tested in IE 7,8,9 and recent versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Getting the feedback data from Google Analytics

We have developed a custom Google Analytics report that will give you all the information you need about the feedback:

  • What do website visitors say about the website and how do they grade it?
  • What are the technical details of the computer used to send the comment (useful for error tracking)
  • Where do visitors come from (in case they tell you about a 404 error page)
  • On what page do visitors post their feedback?
You can download the custom report here.
We explain how to find the data in your Google Analytics custom report in a short video.


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